Beginners Guide To Use The Instagram Stories In 2019

Instagram is growing very fast. In 2018 instagram crosses the 1 billion downloads it is the second biggest social media platform. It is the best platform to grow your business. The biggest game changer was the instagram stories. Stories feature make fortune for the instagram because no one on the market was doing it. That’s what makes instagram different. It takes the first mover advantages. After that lot of social media such as Facebook and the snapchat uses the same feature. But instagram is the favourite social media platform for teenagers. As per the stats around 400 million people are using the story feature every day. There are lot of benefit of the instagram stories. Now you can run the stories ads on the instagram now marketers are using the instagram stories to promote the page or the promotion.

What Is So Special About The Instagram Stories?

There are also great thing that make instagram so special but let me explain the feature of the stories. Instagram stories is sort of similar to the snapchat snap “self-destruct” type it will allow you to post your stories for 24 hours and after the time the story will automatically disappear. It is the best thing whatever you post it will only appear for the 24 hour. The best way to use this feature is upload the daily basis stories. You can use this thing as this way is that if you like something what you don’t want to post it on instagram you can use the instagram stories use to keep engaging with the audience. Another reason why people like stories so much is that the big celebrities’ actor and the actresses are very active on the instagram they constantly share stories about their daily routine so people like that that’s why people are so active on the stories.

Types Of Instagram Stories For The Business


In Instagram stories you can show the tutorial about anything. It is very engaging. People like the tutorial and it would be very challenging for you to wrap it up in one minute.

Sharing The User Generated Content

Sharing the user generated content is a best way to interact with the audience. If you are a instagram influencer and you will get ton messages that you want to reply and appreciate their messages you cannot do post that all the screenshots here instagram stories comes into play. You can post all wishes and the messages on the instagram.

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