Everything You Need To Know About The Facebook Advertising Cost

After becoming the world’s first biggest social media platform. It gets noticed by many companies. Now every company are running ads on the Facebook. To make the ads more efficient and effective Facebook updated their advertising platform they added more feature on the campaign. The advertising cost may vary from campaign to campaign. it all depend on you if you want to advertise on small budget or you have a big budget and do marketing on your full potential it is up to you. Facebook advertising gives you features like location, gender, and age etc. preferences.


Facebook advertisement is easy if you run your campaign perfectly otherwise it is just a waste of money. Let me tell you the terms. Facebook only understand their own language. When you are running a campaign with goals and you are only paying for your goals but sometimes it is possible that it would give the like button your boost post and gives you like. If your goals is not getting likes and you are not paying for this but still they will show the cost per impression and everything related to the campaign.

(CPC): CPC means that you have to pay for the clicks. If someone clicks on the ads you have to pay for the clicks.

(CPL): Cost per like you have to pay for the likes. when you boost the page if you choose to CPL you will pay for likes.

(CPM): Cost per mile you have to pay for every 1000 impression.

(CPA): Cost per action you have to pay for every action they take from Facebook. Especially these ads are run for the installation of the apps.

Cost Affecting Factor

There are lot of factor that affect the costing of the advertising. Here are the top 3 major reason that affect the cost of advertising.


Industry may affect the cost of the advertising if your business have a core niche then it will affect the cost of the advertising.

Time of the year

Time of the year affect the advertising and also the cost. If you are running ads on the occasion you have to pay a surge prices. Timing is very important.


What is your objective? If your objective is to increase the installing rate then you have to pay more.

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