How To Beat The Facebook Algorithm In 2019

Facebook change its algorithm now all the branded content is getting pushed back by the Facebook. Now the brand cannot just use the Facebook to make more sales and don’t give anything in exchange whether it is monetary or non-monetary. Facebook algorithm is a mystery more like a Google algorithm. You cannot just read the guidelines and follow the steps and get on the top it is possible before the Facebook update but now you have to work harder for the Facebook algorithm. With algorithm changes any brand whether it is a small or a multinational company cannot get the organic traffic or searches. To know to how to beat Facebook algorithm first let me tell you

What is Facebook Algorithm?

Facebook algorithm is terms and the guidelines of the Facebook that you have to follow to get the organic reach to the audience.

What Changed On The Facebook Algorithm?

In Facebook algorithm there are lot of major changes in happen on the algorithm. Facebook controls what users post are getting. Facebook want is that their customer is getting the relevant post according to their mood and the engagement. It will help them to show you the right content at the right time. In the algorithm Facebook they started giving the personal profile content more important than a branded content. Now branded content sees a diminishing rate of the engagement on their campaign and organic reach etc.

Here are some ways to beat the Facebook algorithm in 2019:

Upload video content as soon as possible. If you are not uploading the videos that will be the major drawback for your website. videos gives the higher engagement rate compare to any other content. You have to upload the videos to engage more audience. You can shoot the videos on your phone there is no need of the professional set up for a native videos.

Start A Discussion On Page

Starting a discussion is a very popular way to get the engagement. People are ready to get in the discussion. You can start the discussion about the next post or any other events etc.

More Images, Tags And Few Links

You have to post photos and tags that will help you to engage with the audience or your following. Using the links often will harm your page and you will not gonna rank. And sometimes you will ban from the Facebook.

Unique Post

Making the unique post is important in the campaign because it will be shown in the campaign. If you don’t put the attractive images and videos it will affect the campaign.

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