Instagram Marketing Things That Every Brands Needs

Instagram is growing rapidly it has over 1 billion downloads. If you are thinking that instagram is not for the brands then you are wrong. Instagram is also making some special feature for the brands so that they can increase their business with instagram. So instagram is very valuable for the brands especially for those who have direct selling to the customer. So to grow the business on instagram there are lot of ways to do that. You can do with ads and with the organic reach also. First we have to learn some basics so that it will be easy to understand the instagram.

Instagram Basic Needs

First thing comes first. You have to make sure that your account is switch to business account. It is the basic step that you have to do without that you cannot run ads and increase your visibility.

Instagram Paid Ads

After switching to the instagram business account. One of the best benefit that you can get is you can run the ads. Running the instagram ads is great way to increase the post engagement and increase the followers. You can take all the control on your hand and promote the targeted audience. There are lot of ads that you can to increase the engagement.

Photos Ads

Photos ads are one of the types of the instagram with this you can promote your product post and increase the brand awareness. This ad is especially use for the increase the brand awareness or increases the followers. But photo ads are different from the other post there is a small sponsored tag on the top and the call to action button if added. That is why it is highly engaging and the effective.

Video Ads

Videos ads is the best ads because the videos have more engagement compare to the photos. It is highly popular because around 88% of the advertiser uses the video ads to get the engagement on the campaign. The video can be 60 second long and it is the enough to attract the viewers. This is also a challenge for the videographer to engage the viewers.

Carousal Ads

Carousal ads in which you can see the dots just below the post that you promoting here you can add more attractive images to attract the viewers. It is also a very effective way to attract followers. Here you can select the most liked images to promote to the audience.

Stories Ads

Stories ads are the most engaging these days because people are watching more stories than a post. Showing stories like the post or anything that will increase the followers and engagement. If you are using the videos on the stories it is highly engaging and attractive.

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