Instagram Trends In 2019

Instagram is evolving simultaneously. They are making huge changes in the apps to stay ahead from other social media especially from snapchat. Rapid growth of the snapchat scares all the social media company. They continually make changes in the algorithm of the instagram. Changing so much on the app doesn’t affect the company daily user active. Changes bring good feature in front of the user. Now instagram is over I billion downloads on the androids device it is very huge achievement the social media company because it is the only company that cross over 1 billion downloads after the Facebook.

Here are top instagram trends in 2019:


IGTV is launched on the June 2018. After that it is spread like fire. Almost every marketer uses the IGTV feature for entertaining or influencing the people. It is the best place where you can promote your product or services. This feature is launched because in instagram you can only upload a video up to 59 second. To give people a feature that has longer video duration. It is because it streaming doesn’t mean that they are trying to compete with the YouTube. You can take advantage of the IGTV feature like LV Company. They use the igtv content to show their latest clothing and the latest news of the shows and events. Creating the series also help them to increase the engagement level.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a best feature is the most loved feature in the instagram. People like stories of your friend family and the people they want to follow. They give them a daily update of their day to day life. Over 300 million active users’ uses the instagram stories feature. So you can say that it is quite popular feature of the instagram. You can take advantage on various ways like they have run the instagarm stories ads. Add in your stories about your product.

Shoppable Post

Shoppable post is performing very well in the instagram. Now any company can sell directly from the instagram. it is gaining popularity till now. Lot of startup and the ecommerce website have taken benefit from these.

Pay To Play For Instagram

Growing popularity shows how badly people want to follow the instagram to stat up to date. And the coming year. It is getting more instagram user and on an average business and influencer earning 75k dollar year. And it will increase in future.

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