Steps To Build Links With Content Marketing

Building links is one of the most important and difficult work in SEO. Increasing the position of the website on a particular keyword is only possible if you have the sufficient quality links. Before the penguin updates. At that time it is easy to get links but now you have to carefully make a strategy for backlinks.

Here are some steps to build links with content marketing:

Step 1 Identify What Is Working For You

It is the most important part, knowing what is working can help you to generate more links. There are two ways to identify what is best for you. First create content and then analyse what is working for you. Second is use the ways that are already proven. Now you have to use the SEO tools for backlink.

Step 2 Content Format

After the step 1 now you know that what is working for you and what is not working for you. When you know that what is working for you now it’s time to make a content format. First you have to make a format to get link. Writing on a Google doc like a beginner will not work here. Your aim is to get a link. Once you decide what format you are going to use. My personal recommendation is write an ultimate guide it is a proven way to get a link from content. Another way to get the link from content marketing is a detailed case study. When you are writing about the case studies. In this there are lot of useful data are included. Here is more chance to get the link from the content marketing. Surveys are also a great way to get the links from the content marketing.

Step 3 Creating Content Strategies

Creating the content strategies is very important without that is not possible to create links from the content marketing. There are lot of strategies that will help you to make content marketing successful.

#1 Create Long Content

Creating long content is very beneficial in terms of SEO and for the link building. According to the survey longer content tends to rank higher on the search ranking because Google want to provide in-depth information to their users. That is why it is writing the long content is good for your link building and for the SEO.

#2 Make You Content Attractive

Making your content look attractive because it will catch the eyes of the users. It will increase the duration time on your website. Higher the engagement the higher the chance that they will like our content.

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