Ways To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

Instagram is getting more popular day by day people are shifting from Facebook to instagram because of the new feature of the instagram. The growth of the instagram is very high compare to other social media platform. There is a huge opportunities for marketer to promote the product. But now it is hard to get likes and views on the videos. When Facebook changes the algorithm after that instagram also changes its algorithm. Now it is difficult to the brand to get visible organically.

Here are some ways to beat the algorithm of instagram:

Hire A Photographer Or Videographer

Investing on photographer is very important because in instagram is only for the visual content so if you are not posting the quality images and videos it will decrease the engagement and it will also affect the campaign. so hiring a professional photographer will help you to get maximum attention. At the end its all about the engagement if you are photos and videos are engaging enough you don’t need to invest money on the ads you can get the traffic organically.

Instagram Stories

You have to post the instagram stories frequently because now people are watching the instagram stories more the particular post. So posting the instagram stories will help you to get remember your brand get the maximum engagement and if someone like your image or videos they might follow you.

Live Videos

Live videos are very important if you are an instagram influencer. It is the best way to interact with your audience and it will create the awareness of your brand or profile. Now the instagram feature that you can view the live videos after it is over.

Running A Contest

Running a contest is a best way to increase the engagement and the followers. In the contest you can ask them to participate on the contest by giving their photos to them. There are lot ways that you can take the picture like. Tag you in the images or personally send the images or create external pages for submission.

Engaging Caption

Engaging caption is very important if you have great photos and you are not writing the caption it will be a drawback for you. writing a great caption is very important because it force the viewer to comment in your pic that’s the main part if people are commenting on your post it will organically visible to other people.


Creating a post that are trending can help you a lot to get more followers as well as more engagement on your post. But it doesn’t mean that you have to start making memes you have to create a content according to you niche.

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